One Team United In Service


1983 – The Thompson Valley Ambulance Service (TVAS) was formed when the Thompson Valley Hospital District (TVHD) began direct pre-hospital emergency medical service (EMS) to the Loveland and Berthoud areas previously provided by a private ambulance service. This first year TVAS responded to 1800 calls with about 12 employees from 2 stations.

1984 – The Colorado Department of Health certified TVAS as an EMS training center. With this certification TVAS was able to provide basic emergency medical technician (EMT) training, EMT continuing education, and paramedic continuing education.

1992 – With the support of the TVHD board, TVAS grew along with the Loveland and Berthoud communities. TVAS opened a third station through a joint effort with the Berthoud Fire Protection District (BFPD). TVAS provided a single paramedic and BFPD provided an EMT driver with the ambulance housed at the fire station.

1998 – TVAS became Thompson Valley Emergency Medical Services (TVEMS) ending a fifteen-year association with McKee Medical Center and their then corporate partner Lutheran Health Systems. TVHD became Thompson Valley Health Services District (TVHSD) and Thompson Valley EMS became a Special District governmental agency. This district encompasses 450 square miles including the Cities of Loveland and Berthoud, and their respective fire districts. A fourth station was built at 4645 Sunview Dr. to serve the north part of the district and additional 24 hour personnel were added to staff the area.

2009 – TVEMS opened a new station in Berthoud and moved from the fire station. The catalyst for this was the growth of BFPD and the lack of room for TVEMS to continue to share space. Near the end of this year, in an effort to have ambulance coverage on or near the interstate, TVEMS contracted with the City of Loveland to lease the vacant fire station at the Loveland/Fort Collins Airport. Additional manpower was added and the fifth station was now open. From these five stations TVEMS responded to over 9300 calls with 55 employees.

Today the TVHSD also includes the Johnstown and portions of the Windsor/Severance Fire Districts with a total estimated population of 100,000 (double the 1983 estimate). The district has seen the expansion of McKee Medical Center and the addition of Medical Center of the Rockies, in the city of Loveland. TVEMS also provides a tactical EMS team who train and respond with the Loveland Police Department’s SWAT team and a Special Operations Team that trains with Loveland Fire.

The Thompson Valley EMS Training division continues to provide quality EMS education, public safety and prevention in northern Colorado. Training and services focus on the unique needs and partnerships of our communities, including first response agencies, professional rescuers, corporations and individuals.

Thompson Valley Emergency Medical Services in Loveland moved into its new facility on Oct. 24, 2011. The building, located at 4480 Clydesdale Parkway, serves as Ambulance Station 350 and is the new home to administration, education and maintenance. The new facility is 14,000 square feet and can house up to 12 ambulances.

The administration and education departments moved from station 320 on Wilson Ave, the maintenance department moved from Station 310 on Boise Ave, and station 350 relocated from the Loveland/Fort Collins airport. Thompson Valley EMS Chief Randy Lesher says that combining these departments into one area is an important step in controlling costs, and that with the addition of this fifth station, Thompson Valley EMS will be able to provide 12-hour shifts to increase coverage above the current 24-hour shifts.

The service covers approximately 450 square miles of southeastern Larimer County, has five stations, responds to 10,000 calls for service annually and is operated the by Thompson Valley Health Services District.